September grows in cars but the accumulated still leaves something to be desired

September grows in cars but the accumulated still leaves something to be desired

“The 2022 financial year will once again close below 900,000 sales, which means three years in a row with a quarter less activity.” This is how categorical it appears Tania PucheDirector of Communication of Ganvam, before the registrations of September, in which 67,240 new vehicles were registered, an increase of 12.7% compared to last year.

It is, specifically, the second consecutive month in which the automobile market registers an increase, “in a downward context and a very unfavorable socioeconomic situation”, in the words of the director of Communication of the national association of manufacturers (Anfac), Felix Garcia.

According to him, the existing demand by consumers is not fully satisfied due to the shortage of components, which has become a bottleneck for factories, both Spanish and European.

Compared to the pre-pandemic situation, September results represent a fall of 17.7%. The three large associations in the sector, Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam, consider that 1.2 million new vehicles are a “healthy” figure for the national market.

In cumulative terms, 2022 continues to decline compared to 2021, 7.4% specifically. To date, 600,281 vehicles have been registered. If these are analyzed by channel, only the business channel registers growth, with its 254,936 sales (+5.6%). That of individuals remains practically flat, with 263,726 (-0.6%).

The scarcity of semiconductors has made manufacturers focus their commercial offensives on these last two channels, as they are the most profitable and represent an easy decision in the face of limited production. The consequence is a blow to the rental channel, which fell 42.2% to close the cumulative with 80,619 operations.

In September, all channels grew, with the most notable boom being companies (+19.2%), followed by rental companies (+17.8%) and individuals (+6%), with 30,599; 6,327 and 30,314 registrations, respectively.

Regarding light commercials, September closed with 9,571 sales, 3.6% less than a year ago. So far this year, the decline is 27.7%, with 86,756 sales. Of these, the bulk is occupied by vans, with 37,743 units, 32.1% less.

For the federation of official dealers, Faconauto, «the data for September leaves us with a very bad year in sales. In this last quarter we are concerned that the rise in interest rates ends up further demobilizing sales. The new vehicle is moving away from the possibilities of the Spanish family”, sentenced its Director of Communication, Raul Morales.

low emissions

Another positive note that September throws is that of having been below the threshold of 120 grams of CO2 per km. Specifically, it is a reduction of 1% compared to the same month of 2021, until reaching 118.2 grams. So far this year, the decrease is 3.6%.


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