Serie A, Juventus and Napoli: no to funds. Superlega ‘calls’ Agnelli and …

Aurelio De Laurentiis – Andrea Agnelli (photo Lapresse)

Serie A, the Super League for clubs wants Juventus

I TV rights of Serie A are stalled (between Dazn e Sky), but the real rift between the clubs remains linked to the entry of funds into Italian football. The famous clause that binds the investment to the fact that the 3 sisters (Juventus, Inter and Milan) do not end up in a project Superlega (the famous ‘private’ European championship which would replace the Champions League, on the style ofBasketball Euroleague) blocks everything. Or rather: the two greats of Spain, Real Madrid e Barcelona, they press for the tournament to start (“Futbol needs a new formula that makes it more competitive”, he said Florentino Perez in December while not openly naming the Super League) and they cannot do without the Juventus club and the big names in Italy.

Juventus-Napoli, Agnelli and De Laurentiis in the Serie A League: negotiation with the funds ends here

Rumors that have been around for weeks. In these hours, Dagospia is relaunching: “The Juve president gave up on the street Dal Pino and the head of CVC, Mazza, and became their first enemy. And, with the usual ability that his club has to affect, he brought Inter with him and allied himself against nature with Napoli, Lazio, after the years of quarrels with De Laurentiis and Lotito “. Andrea Agnelli’s move” checkmate, and the other 13 teams who still want the funds, including two big like Milan and Rome, are in bad shape. “Let’s not forget that in the past, according to what reported by Ansa, Juventus and Naples they declared their unwillingness to carry on the negotiations with the funds and in particular it was made known that, during the assembly in videoconference on Tuesday, Agnelli had expressed this position, clarifying that he considers “the work of the commission set up to deal with the funds concluded in February “. Is the game of funds closed then? The forces on the field still say 13 to 7 for entry. The majority is 14 clubs, it would be enough to convince someone who is in the front of the no to change everything.

Rights TV series A, Dazn drops to ten votes in the ‘war’ on Sky

Ten votes in favor of Dazn’s offer (against the eleven of the previous seventh) in the last assembly of the Football League held in these hours with regard to the assignment of TV rights of Serie A in the three-year period 2021/2024 (13 days from the expiry of the offers). The team representatives will meet again next week, but time is running out. During the assembly, the international TV rights of Serie A were also on the table: in fact, a commission was created for the third and final call.

TV rights Serie A, Cagliari does not vote for Dazn

Atalanta, Fiorentina, Hellas Verona, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Naples, Parma and Udinese confirmed their decision in favor of Dazn, while the Cagliari he chose not to vote. Nine clubs confirmed their abstention again this week: Benevento, Bologna, Crotone, Genoa, Rome, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Spezia e Torino. It should be remembered that 14 votes in favor are needed to make an official decision in the allocation of the rights of Italian football.

TV rights Serie A, Sky vs Dazn: the offers

Sky it offers 750 million and, not being able to broadcast matches exclusively on the internet, proposes to set up an online “League channel”; Dazn puts on the plate an offer of 840 million for the streaming championship: 7 exclusive games, 3 shared.


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