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Sky’s appeal to the Antitrust Authority with a relative complaint to the exclusive agreement between Dazn and Tim for the distribution of Serie A matches 2021-24 calling it “illegitimate”. This is what we read in a note from the media group. “Sky turned to the Antitrust to be sure that millions of consumers and football fans can continue to subscribe to Serie A through a plurality of broadband providers and watch it on the platform they prefer satellite, Dtt o Ott – exactly like today “.

“Tim, the retailer dominant in the broadband – continues the note – has entered into a unlawful exclusive deal with Dazn. This agreement precludesThere the possibility of distributing the championship of A league through other operators, thus favoring Tim and strengthening its dominant position in the broadband market“.

In a crucial moment of passage for Italy from the band standard to ultra-broadband, underlines Sky, “this exclusive agreement must not harm the competition”: for this reason “Sky invites the Antitrust to act urgently to ensure that the Serie A championship can be enjoyed by all consumers in conditions that favor competition and free choice “.

Tim’s reply was immediate. The telephone company headed by Luigi Gubitosi remains “amazed by Sky’s concerns about competition and the free choice of customers, after the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) has ascertained several times that Sky is a dominant player in the pay TV sector, holding a market share of around 80% “.

“The streaming mode with which fans can see all Serie A matches also for the next three years, is part – added Tim – in a path started for some time now and in which Dazn, like Netflix, Amazon and Disney + (and the same SKY with NOW), represent the future of content distribution, usable in homes and away from home with traditional and new generation devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets. The broadcasting of the entire football championship in streaming represents a an important element for the digitization of the country, accelerating a process that will benefit not only the citizens but also the entire industrial structure of the country. Continuing to defend the position income of pay satellite would – yes – the effect of harming consumers and delay the acceleration of the transition to digital and high-speed telecommunications networks “.

Tim concluded by underlining that “it will continue to distribute sports content, as it is currently doing with Now (SKY), Eurosport (Discovery) and Dazn content and with any other publisher interested in enhancing content through the TIMVISION platform”.

After Sky’s stance, WindTre and Open Fiber also wanted to have their say. The first believes that all fans of this sport have the right to choose the way they enjoy the games they prefer. Therefore, national authorities should guarantee the public the exercise of this right by affirming the technological plurality of the offer, whether it is ultra-broadband in fiber, satellite or digital terrestrial.

Open Fiber, on the other hand, he hopes that anyone will be guaranteed the possibility of being able to watch the Italian football championship using the platform of their reference operator and that there is no limitation in this regard. Open Fiber’s Gigabit fiber optic infrastructure is available to over 100 operators and broadcasters, precisely to support the best experience of using digital content. In fact, there is not only an issue of respect for competition rules, but also a problem of the protection of consumers’ rights.

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