Serie A TV rights: Dazn wins and takes the games. And the Sky appeal …

Serie A TV rights: Dazn wins (with Tim) and takes the games

Dazn you take the A league closing a long period of domination Sky. The turning point in Italian football is made. The clubs voted for the platform in streaming (flanked by Tim) which will have 7 exclusive games for each round of the championship (package 1) and 3 co-exclusive (package 3) for an offer of 840 million, (higher than the 750 million one advanced by Sky). The Lega Serie A assembly led to the white smoke with 16 votes in favor (14 out of 20 were needed). The only four votes against the streaming platform’s offer came from Genoa, Crotone, Sampdoria and Sassuolo. in the meantime Tim accelerates in bag (+3,5% a Business Square) after the OK to Serie A TV rights.

Serie A TV rights, Sky and the knot of the 3 co-exclusive matches

The hypothesis of broadcasting a free-to-air game for each round is no longer valid. There remains only one doubt: the assignment of the package 2 with 3 games that would be co-exclusive to Sky (put on the plate 70 million per season) or less. The rumors of the past few hours spoke of a solution in this sense, thus leading to a compromise that did not take away the entire series A from Comcast’s pay TV. The negotiations will go on until Monday 29 March, when the offer will expire according to the provisions of the announcement.

TV rights, the hypothesis of Sky’s appeal against the Dazn-Tim proposal. And that of the agreement

In the morning Sky had leaked the hypothesis of appeal in case of assignment of tv rights of the A league a Dazn of the 10 games since, according to what Mf Dowjones reported, in the report of the technical consultant appointed by via Rosellini to assess the risks and difficulties of connecting on the Internet, he would continuously refer to Dazn’s offer asproposta Dazn-Tim“. This would show that the offer for the Lega is joint between the two giants but different from the one that had been presented during the participation in the tender. Other scenarios of these hours told of the possibility that in a second moment we can arrive at a agreement between Sky and Dazn: that is, a retransmission of Dazn’s exclusive matches on Sky channels (as already happens today with the 3 matches per day), the need to subscribe to the British oct platform remains unaffected, explained the Corriere dello Sport.

Voices, hypotheses. The reality, however, is that today the great turning point has been made: the A league passes into the hands of Dazn.


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