Serious injury to Vítor Roque, the Brazilian forward signed by Barça

Serious injury to Vítor Roque, the Brazilian forward signed by Barça

2023-09-22 19:37:39

Bad news from a distance for Barça. Victor Roque, The Brazilian forward who signed to join next season, suffered a serious ankle ligament injury whose recovery prognosis is estimated between two and three months.

In Brazil there is speculation that he will not play with him again. Atlético Paranaense in the remainder of the campaign. Barça wants to control the rehabilitation process. Brazilian doctors estimate that it will not be necessary for him to go through the operating room.

Vítor Roque fell 9 minutes into the match after a hard tackle by Colombian Nico Hernández in the duel against Internacional de Porto Alegre. Replaced immediately, after the match he went to a medical center in Curitiba to undergo an MRI. The next day, after passing through the Athletico training center, he completed the medical exams that certified rupture of two ligaments of the right ankle. The sick leave period is expected to be two to three months, unless an official medical report is issued.

Barça informed

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Barça was informed of the mishap of its player, hired last summer by 30 million plus 31 in variables, whom he plans to incorporate in January if the fairplay salary allows it; Otherwise, he would arrive in Barcelona in June. Ricard Pruna, the first team’s chief medical officer, was in contact with his Brazilian colleagues.

Given the extent of the injury, it could be the case that Vitor Roque would no longer play for his club. The Brazilian championship concludes the first weekend of December and the first forecast estimates that the striker, the second top scorer of the tournament, could reappear at late November at best. If Barça wanted to accelerate his arrival, and avoid more accidents like the last one, he would have already said goodbye to Athletico.

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