Service centers disconnect from Apple – Kommersant FM

Service centers disconnect from Apple – Kommersant FM

2023-05-18 19:13:10

Authorized Apple services began to close in Russia. While such a decision was made by two centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, another one announced a fundraiser to continue its work, Izvestia found out. This situation is due to the fact that Apple refused to renew contracts with them. Services received letters about this back in March.

Last year, the American corporation restricted the import of products to Russia and the operation of the payment service. Authorized centers mostly repaired equipment under warranty, said Ilya Sitnikov, head of the RemBot digital equipment repair service. Repurposing such a business is difficult, he says:

“Apple Authorized Service Centers only service this brand of equipment. Accordingly, along with the loss of authorization, they lose most of their customers, they go directly to receive warranty repairs. This is their source of income. If they do not have such an opportunity, they are not able to exist.

They also repaired for a fee, but this is the smallest of the articles, since they are bound by the same authorization rules. That is, the centers were not engaged in complex component repairs. For example, if the motherboard is out of order, they bring it, and it costs 80% of the laptop. Naturally, such services are not in demand.

According to the interlocutors of Kommersant FM, nothing threatens the work of services that provide paid services. Spare parts for Apple equipment are imported to Russia under the parallel import scheme. The main problems arise with the duration of the repair. Authorized services are either switching to a paid model or looking for partners abroad, said Sergey Kuznetsov, editor-in-chief of and author of the ForGeeks podcast:

“Service centers worked according to the following model: with the help of Apple, they repaired some equipment, returned something, and the company took it. Now it doesn’t work.

Each service center decides on which model to operate further. He will either find a partner in other countries and send equipment there, respectively, we add here the costs of sending, receiving and additional costs that may be in the event of such a repair. Or they can switch to out-of-warranty repairs.

As far as I know, some services that were previously authorized have switched to this method, because there are no problems with spare parts. They can still be bought, brought to Russia. Probably, these are not always mass parties, not always legal deliveries, nevertheless, there are details in Moscow.

The problem that may arise with them due to the termination of authorization of services is that the iPhone may not accept them and give an error. To do this, the centers had the right, roughly speaking, to make firmware and tell the smartphone that this spare part is original. But this does not apply to all details.

At the same time, as the interlocutors of Kommersant FM note, there are practically no devices left in Russia that are covered by the Apple warranty. It is usually given for one year, and the official sales of gadgets stopped in March 2022.

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