Sete, Checa, Alzamora and Crivill recall their mythical photo from 1999… 24 years later

Sete, Checa, Alzamora and Crivill recall their mythical photo from 1999… 24 years later

24 years ago now Spanish motorcycling experienced one of its sweetest moments. For the first time in the history of our sport, two national riders won two separate motorcycle world titles, and also one of them achieved it in the premier category, 500, until that year vetoed for ours.

It was 1999, and both Emilio Alzamora and Álex Crivillé excited an entire country. The man from Seva was the first to consolidate his title, and he did so in the penultimate race of the season, in Brazil, in an appointment that Norifumi Abe won and in which Crivillé managed to scratch 10 points that gave him the title mathematically over American Kenny Roberts.

Alzamora had to wait another week, specifically to the last race of the year in Argentina. It was an agonizing weekend in which his only rival for the title, Marco Melandri, managed to win at the Óscar Gálvez circuit in Buenos Aires, thus forcing Emilio to be second if he wanted to win the 125cc crown. The Spaniard succeeded, and closed the season with one point more than Melandri to lift the World Champion trophy on the same podium on the Argentine track.

That 1999 was unforgettable for ours, and this was reflected in a photograph in which, in addition to Alzamora and Crivillé, Sete Gibernau and Carlos Checa appeared, the first enrolled in the ranks of the Yamaha Marlboro team and the second with the Honda of the Repsol team; they finished fifth and seventh respectively in the 500cc general classification.

The same warriors who 24 years ago dueled on the track, Today they are great friends and whenever they get a chance, they get together to reminisce about old battles and put on their leather jumpsuits again. We saw it three weeks ago in Cheste, where Sete, Checa, ‘Crivi’ and Alzamora joined the list of guests at Racing Legends and had the opportunity to ride the same 80 cc bikes with which they won the Criterium Solo at the time. Motorcycle, more than 30 years ago.

In fact, Carlos Checa even went so far as to wear the same jumpsuit with the colors of Rieju, and although it cost him sweat and tears to put it on, He finally got it just as he himself shared on his social networks. Alzamora also tried, but in the end he had to give up.

Checa himself has also released some images and videos of the last meeting between the four in the private circuit of Sete Gibernau, in Forallac (Girona). Equipped with the suits of Sete’s school, +BO Racing, the four Spanish legends had a great time on the twisty track that Sete built at the back of his farm in 2008, without a doubt a true paradise for any fan of racing. the motorcycles.

Gibernau summed up this very special day with a most emotional phrase. In his social networks, the Barcelonan wrote: “The steps of a lasting friendship. In life you choose who you share the path with”. Crivillé, in a more relaxed tone, also made a comment on his Instagram account about this day of meeting up with old friends: “Unforgettable reunion at the +BO Racing experience. How good it was to screw on the gas and enjoy with all my battle companions like juniors. ‘Whoever had retained’. Thank you very much, bro Sete”.


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In this video shared by Carlos Checa you can see a summary of the very special day shared by these Spanish motorcycling figures:


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