“Settler Violence Live”: Ben Gvir stormed the conference and caused a commotion

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A riot broke out in the Knesset today (Monday), after MK Itamar Ben Gvir broke into the conference “Stopping the Violence of the Settlers” and tried to disrupt its course. In response, MK Musi Raz called for him to be removed from the hall and said: “We have a live film of settler violence here.”

The storm began when the MK Itamar Ben Gvir He burst into the hall and exclaimed: “Yesterday Elam Hamudot was murdered. You are holding a conference here on settler violence. Are you crazy? Are you not ashamed? Let’s stand for a minute of silence.”

MK Ibtisam from Ra’ana She replied, “Come out. Stop trading in people’s lives. Stop trading in the lives and deaths of people.” MK Musi Raz Appeared before him to hide it and noted: “We have here a live film of settler violence.”

MK Osama Saadi Called him three calls and demanded he leave. “Shame on you,” Ben Gvir shouted as he was taken out by the ushers. “You will be ashamed,” Saadi told him, and those present applauded.

Riots at a conference against settler violence, without credit

After Ben Gvir was removed, the conference resumed without interruption. MK Musi Raz Be the first to comment: “At the outset I want to share the grief of the Kay family. Violence is violence is violence and should always be condemned especially violence against civilians. The Knesset does not have a minister or a prime minister, even when we encounter very severe violence.

He continued: “Palestinians and Israelis who have been attacked are sitting here. Neta is sitting here with a plaster cast on her hand. The large and powerful army whose job it is to protect the population stands in the way. We lament that they are not arrested or enforced by the law. And turn him towards Palestinians and peace activists. If there was one sensible and moral MK here he would sit next to us but unfortunately there are none. We call on the military and the government to stop standing aside. “

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After him, an MK spoke Osama Saadi, He said: “This is an apartheid regime system that discriminates between settlers and Palestinians. Violence is an everyday act and it rarely reaches the media. The root of the problem is the occupation which is terrorism and violence itself. It is impossible to make symmetry between occupier and conquered. “To the state alongside the state of Israel and a message of peace must come out of this that the solution is the establishment of two states and then this whole matter of settler violence will disappear.”

Also the Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz Attended the conference and spoke: “A huge thank you to the organizations and people on the ground for the courage to bring the shocking documentation, photos and stories – peace now, there is a border, there is a law and others,” Horowitz said. “Today we note a dismal figure of about 1,200 settler violence against Palestinians and soldiers and an increase in their number in recent months. Physical injury, stone-throwing and even shooting are common. Horror boys do not pity women and children and are not afraid of the rule of law. The government must step up enforcement. And the punishment and eradication of the phenomenon of settler violence and the youth of atrocities. “

Horowitz added: “This whole thing is being conducted within a system of occupation. No matter how much we act against those rioters and pogroms, in the end the problem is actually the occupation. Without resolving this matter things will not get a proper solution. “Palestinian alongside the State of Israel. In my opinion, this is the right and only solution.”

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MK Sami Abu Shehadeh Speaking after him, he said: “The one who is responsible for the crime of occupation and settlement and the violence of the settlers is the state and the government. Settlement is by definition violence. So the one who is responsible for that is the state. It is the occupier it leads people there . He also added that during Operation Wall Guard, Arab residents of Lod were attacked by settlers when the city was under curfew.

Chairman of the Joint List MK Ayman Odeh Attacked the government: “This government is concentrating too much on East Jerusalem. Bennett feels more comfortable building settlement units in East Jerusalem and we see that the attack on the Palestinians in East Jerusalem is greater than any other period. In the end, no Palestinian state will be established without East Jerusalem as its capital. We must fight together with Meretz against the occupation of East Jerusalem. “

MK Joy Rotman (Religious Zionism) decided to come to the conference to voice another position: “I hear here that settlement is violence. So if so I am in favor of settler violence as much as possible. Congratulations and success. If settlement is violence I am in favor. I came to greet,” he said and left the hall.

Peace Now CEO Almond Morag Attacked the settler leadership and said that “while we condemn all violence as it is violence they back it up, as long as it serves the agenda. Someone in disguise and some in active backing, transfer. Enough practicality about ‘weeds’. Budgets and recognition of” Half a million settlers “After all, they are asking for a sector, and do not hesitate to include in the same quorum the bourgeoisie from Oranit and Ma’ale Adumim with the violent rioters from Ash Kodesh and local Uri. So please respect them and take responsibility as a sector.”

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