Seven countries in Africa will be defined as red

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The new strain that worries the world: The Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, held a consultation today (Thursday) with the Minister of Health, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, the Head of Public Health Services at the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Defense, regarding the new strain of corona virus discovered abroad – B.1.1529.

In a follow-up discussion chaired by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, the following decisions were made:

  • The following countries were defined at this time as red: South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Aswatini. Foreigners from these countries will not be able to enter Israel.
  • All returnees to Israel from these countries, including those vaccinated with a third vaccine, will be referred for isolation in Corona hotels. For 7 days, and will be released after performing 2 PCR tests that have a negative result. Passengers who refuse to be checked will be charged for 14 days of isolation at the Corona Hotel.

The Prime Minister will conduct ongoing situation assessments, together with the Minister of Health and the professionals in his office, in order to closely monitor the outbreak of the new strain and prevent its spread in Israel.

According to the British “i” site, the variant has “an extremely large number of mutations” that may make it difficult for vaccines to work and has been identified in three countries, although so far only ten cases have been reported.

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This is a variant that has been identified with 32 mutations (twice the mutations of the Delta) that have been identified in South Africa, Botswana and also Hong Kong (although it seems that this was because of a carrier that came from South Africa). The British health care system is closely monitoring the variant, and in South Africa one wonders if it is responsible for the recent jump from 312 positive cases on Monday to 860 on Tuesday.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health published tonight at 16:42 the picture of the spread of the corona virus in Israel. According to the data, so far 364 new carriers have been identified in the country, which is one percent of 38,509 new tests. Yesterday, 543 new carriers were identified in the country, which is 0.7 percent of 82,676 new tests.

South Africans on the difficulties in the country due to the spread of the corona virus // Photo: Reuters

The infection coefficient was 1.08 today, down from 0.01 to 1.09 yesterday. The number of active carriers stands at 6,837 people, of whom 120 are hospitalized in critical condition, of whom 77 are respirators. This is a continuing decline in the number of patients in critical condition and respirators.

The number of deaths in the plague stands at 8,182 people when yesterday two people died in the country from the plague. In total, the number of active carriers is currently already approaching 7,000 people and this is an increase of almost 2,000 people compared to the beginning of last week.

Meanwhile, against the background of the slow and gradual response to corona vaccines in children, the director of the Corona UAV in the Ministry of Health spoke with HMO managers and conveyed a message from Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that the goal is to vaccinate half a million children by the end of December. From the target population if it is later decided to vaccinate recovering children.

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To date, 15,750 children aged 11-5 have been vaccinated, and tens of thousands more queues have been booked. 7,400 children were vaccinated at Maccabi, 6,000 at Clalit, 2,600 at Meuhedet and 750 at Leumit.

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