seven recipes to incorporate it into your table

seven recipes to incorporate it into your table

If proteins are not enough in the daily diet and we seek, for example, muscle gain, the use of protein powder in supplement mode can be of great help. And although its most common use is as part of smoothies, we leave seven recipes that incorporate it in a tasty way.

Protein powder in solid dishes

The protein powder which we usually use as part of shakes, can perfectly be used in solid preparations along with other sources of protein to obtain a greater amount of this nutrient.

Thus, we can use protein powder from neutral taste if we make a salty dish Or, vanilla or chocolate flavored protein powder if we make a sweet dish with it.

In all cases, we will achieve a higher concentration of protein per serving and in this way, we will obtain the same benefit as with a shake. to supplement the daily diet.

The best recipes, that are not smoothie, with protein powder

If the shake after training or as part of a breakfast has already tired us, we leave seven protein powder recipes very tasty and nutritious that we can incorporate into our table:


These are seven recipes to incorporate protein powder to our daily diet without resorting to the classic shakes.

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