Disruption began this evening (Saturday) near the national headquarters in Jerusalem by dozens of young people in protest of the death of the late Ahuvia Godfather about a year ago during a police chase in Samaria. During the disturbance, there was an intermittent blockage of the main traffic lane (via Bar Lev) and a number of rioters confronted the police, insulted and cursed them.

According to police, after disobeying the dispersal order given by a local police officer, police officers acted to repel the disturbances and evacuate the axis, and arrests were made of seven suspects who violated public order. Meanwhile, the police located in the possession of two of the suspects assault weapons – folding knives and these.

The police said: “We will continue to allow protests within the boundaries of the law, but we will not allow a breach of public order, a violent riot and a risk to road users in violation of the law.”

Photo: Police spokeswoman


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