“SFDA” resolves the controversy again regarding the “Vimto” containing carcinogenic substances and ingredients harmful to children

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Food and Drug General Authority (SFDA) confirmed, once again, that what was recently circulated on social media is incorrect, that the Vimto drink contains artificial colors that cause cancer and ingredients harmful to children.

The Food and Drug Authority confirmed that all imported food products are checked to ensure that they comply with the approved specifications and requirements.

In a statement, which was republished on its official page on Twitter, the authority stated that it is evaluating the safety of all artificial colors and additives before allowing their use in food products, while making sure that they are subject to the evaluation of the expert committee emanating from the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization “FAO”.

The statement noted that only the colors mentioned in the Saudi-Gulf technical regulation are allowed for additives allowed for use in foodstuffs, and that they do not exceed the maximum limits allowed in this regulation.

The authority stated that the regulation stipulates that if some colors are added to drinks or foodstuffs, the phrase “may have a negative effect on activity and concentration in children” should be written at the bottom of the list of ingredients.


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