SGE player Laura Freilang on the win against FC Bayern Munich

How do you celebrate a spectacular 3-2 home win against champions and leaders Bayern Munich with the Eintracht women?

We ended the Sunday evening quietly with a player at home and enjoyed it. With such a success, which does not happen every day, it is important to soak up everything. However, we couldn’t be completely “irresponsible” because many of us went on international trips on Monday.

The Bavarians were considered to be almost unbeatable. What signal does the coup send out for your team and the Bundesliga?

There was something in the air that I felt on the way to the stadium and in the dressing room. The victory did not come from anywhere. It was great to see and experience that we didn’t win somehow and with a lot of luck, but played a really good game. We were the team that gave everything to win right up to the last second. The league could be more exciting this season than last, which would significantly increase its attractiveness.

Young, capable of development, future-proof, but there is nothing to be gained against the top teams – that’s what the team has stood for for a long time …

… that stuck with us. We often played well and didn’t take anything with us. But especially against opponents that we would have to beat with our quality, we often failed to show what we can do. This year we are one step further – which also has to do with the framework conditions. We have now been under the Eintracht umbrella for just over a year and, for example, had top conditions in the preparation, which has also raised the level of training significantly. Due to our good teamwork, we generate a lot of force on the offensive and create many opportunities. There is also that certain something that this team definitely has.

Does the transition take place from a team that always refers to its own youth and asks for maturity to a real winning team?

The path to a team that should be taken very seriously has now begun at the latest. The appearance against Bayern was not from inexperienced, but from experienced players. That was a mature performance where we saw what we can do for ourselves. It will be important that we continue this style without taking off. Then anything is possible.



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