Shabbat entry and exit times – Parshas Beshalach

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Parshas Beshalach is the fourth Parshas Hashavua in the Book of Exodus. According to the division into chapters, it begins in chapter thirteen, verse seventeen and ends in chapter seventeen, verse sixteen. The Parshas Beshelach is read between the dates Y. B’Shvat-Ziv B’Shvat. Food for birds. (Wikipedia).

Shabbat entry:
Jerusalem: 16:21
Elad: 16:27
Netanya: 16:26
Beitar Illit: 16:32
Petah Tikva: 16:17
Tel Aviv: 16:37
Haifa: 16:28
Beer Sheva: 16:40
Eilat: 16:32

Shabbat departure:
Jerusalem: 17:36
Beitar Illit, Petah Tikva, Elad, Tel Aviv and Netanya: 17:37
Haifa: 17:35
Beer Sheva: 17:39
Eilat: 17:41
Rabbeinu Tam: 18:14

(Shabbat entry and exit times courtesy of Yeshiva website)

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