Shah Rukh Khan is an idiot, it hurts to tell his children: Madhavan

Actor R is a man who has often become the pride of the country in swimming. Vedant Madhavan, son of Madhavan. When Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was involved in the case, a section of the cyber space discussed it. The posts and trolls were about raising children. Asked how he views such cyber discussions, Madhavan told Manorama News on Tuesday.

“I do not want to answer such questions. I know that father and son go through a lot of pain when they go through that condition. Those who spread trolls and memes without realizing it are not trying to understand their pain. No one will do anything knowing that something bad will happen to their children. Twitter is not used by even one per cent of people in India. So social media does not matter. It does not matter. The world is not saying or thinking about us on social media, ‘says Madhavan. He added that Shah Rukh is his dear friend.


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