Shaibin killed expatriate youth and young woman in Abu Dhabi? New case

Malappuram: Three more people are in custody in the case of kidnapping and killing a traditional healer in Nilambur. The members of the gang that abducted the traditional healer Shaba Sharif from Mysuru have been arrested. The police are interrogating them in detail.

Meanwhile, the police have also registered a new case against Shaibin Ashraf, the main accused in the case of killing the traditional healer. The police have registered a new case against Shaib and his accomplices in the incident of the death of expatriate businessman Harris of Kozhikode Kundamangalam and a young woman in Abu Dhabi. The deaths of Harris and the young woman were already suspected to be murders. Blueprints and video evidence of the planning of Harris’ murder were released. This evidence came out after Shaibin was arrested in the case of killing the doctor.

With Shaibin’s arrest, relatives came forward demanding an investigation into Harris’s death as well. But the police initially refused to file a case as the incident took place abroad. Then the family approached the court and the court directed the police to file a case in the incident.

Harris, an expatriate businessman, was found dead in Abu Dhabi in March 2020. A young woman was also found dead here. The police are suggesting that both the deaths were murders and that Shaib and his accomplices planned the murders. The police indicate that Shaibin and his accomplices tried to make Harris commit suicide by killing the woman and that Shaibin was the leader of this plan.

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