Shareholder Pavel Krysevich was finally charged with hooliganism

The actionist Pavel Krysevich was finally charged under an article on hooliganism for a performance with shooting on Red Square, the Apologia project reports, citing the investigator’s ruling. The document states that the activist acted “at the direction of an unidentified accomplice and expressing his perceived superiority over others.” He faces up to seven years in prison.

“Thus, he (P.O. Krysevich) … together with an unidentified person … being in a socially significant and historical place … in a place of mass gathering of people, committed hooliganism.” It is noted that due to the actions of Mr. Krysevich, three victims suffered “moral harm, expressed in the form of fear for their lives and health.”

On June 11, actionist and artist Pavel Krysevich staged a performance on Red Square: he fired two shots into the air from an emaciated, decommissioned P-411 pistol, and a third shot at the temple, after which he fell on the paving stones, imitating suicide. As he himself explained, in this way he produced “the elimination of his own fear” of “political repression” in Russia. After that, the court arrested him.

Pavel Krysevich has been working on actionism since the spring of 2020. For his actions, he was brought to administrative responsibility several times. In November 2020, he held a performance with a crucifixion in front of the FSB building on Lubyanka. After that, he was arrested for 15 days, and then expelled from RUDN, where he studied in the first year of the Faculty of Economics.



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