Sharon was given a high dose of paracetamol – Sharon Raj Murder | Crime News

Sharon was given a high dose of paracetamol – Sharon Raj Murder |  Crime News

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Sharon’s murder case accused Greeshma, the investigation team said that he tried to kill Sharon at the college in Neyur. Greeshma tried to kill Sharon by mixing high doses of paracetamol tablets in juice. The investigating team told the media that Greeshma admitted that the juice challenge at the college in Neyur was part of it. According to the investigation team, more than fifty pills were soaked and kept in hand.

The investigation team had recovered from Greeshma’s house the powder used to make the decoction, the containers used to mix the herbicide, the bottle and the cloth used to wipe the drops of herbicide that fell on the floor of the room. After Sharon’s death, after Greeshma confessed to the family, the evidence was destroyed by mother Sindhu and Nirmal Kumar.

Grieshma had revealed that the feud over not returning her personal footage despite repeated requests led to the murder. They did not return these despite threatening to commit suicide. Afraid of giving these scenes to the fiance. Greeshma also revealed that this is how she decided to eliminate Sharon. The police had found out that Greeshma had called Sharon to her house on October 14 with the intention of killing her and had given her a decoction that had been prepared earlier. Greeshma had also given a statement that he had tried to kill her by mixing insecticide in juice several times. Sharon died on October 25.

English Summary: Not ‘juice challenge’, Greeshma poisoned medicine to kill Sharon several times


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