“She blew me up and wished I had lost the child”

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Avivit Bar-Zohar from Rehovot has revealed that she plans to bring a child from her mysterious partner. Now the couple is exposed, it turns out that he is still married and his wife came to Bar Zohar’s house and claims she beat her.

Avivit Bar Zohar from Rehovot is known as a woman with an interesting and even glamorous life in some of them. But the last few days have been a huge storm for her.

On Friday, Bar Zohar revealed on the program “Ofira and Barko” that she is in a relationship and not just by chance, but with a mysterious businessman who wants to have a child with her.

It can now be said that this is a Frenchman, a 38-year-old French-Jewish businessman who is still married and has two children aged 5 and 2.

A Frenchman, according to Bar Zohar, has been separated from his wife for a year and is, according to her, denied a divorce.

Not only that, but the Frenchwoman’s wife reached as far as Bar Zohar’s house and allegedly began, according to Bar Zohar’s testimony, because she started beating her hard.

Then Kevin’s wife, so according to Bar Zohar’s claim, started cursing Avivit and wishing her to lose the child she would have.

Bar Zohar claims that Kevin is a divorced man who has been denied a divorce for a year, that she is very happy with him and wants to continue living with him.

In any case, this strange affair seems far from over.

Quinn French and Avivit Bar Zohar. Planning to bring a child

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