she had been infected by her unvaccinated mother-

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The English woman fell ill while she was pregnant and gave birth to the baby, who also tested positive, 14 weeks early. The newborn immediately got worse

Ivy-Rose one of the smallest victims of Covid-19 in Great Britain. The baby girl died at the age of only nine days after her mother contracted the coronavirus during her pregnancy. As reported by the Guardian, which takes up Inews, the newborn born at 26 weeks of gestation, while the mother contracted the infection during pregnancy.

The woman, Katie Leeming, 22 anni, convinced that her daughter would be alive today if she hadn’t been so bad that she had to give birth 14 weeks early. The woman had not been vaccinated for fear of the effects of the vaccine on the unborn child, while the partner contracted the coronavirus despite having completed the vaccination process. Katie said she didn’t feel confident about the vaccine, was convinced there wasn’t enough research on pregnant women, and explained that she made this decision after talking to other pregnant women. Now he wants to make his story known to understand the terrible consequences of Covid.

The (vaccinated) partner was also infected

She said she felt quite safe since the partner had received the double dose of vaccine, but despite this he too was infected. If I hadn’t had Covid and hadn’t had such a high fever I honestly don’t think Ivy-Rose would have been born premature, the pregnancy was going well. People believe that children rarely get Covid and that babies are not affected, but our little one was born positive and was very ill before she died at just 9 days old. Without Covid, I think Ivy-Rose would still be here. I want everyone to know that Covid exists and is dangerous.

Illness and hospitalization

Leeming, 22, a baker lives with her partner Lee Court and her children Alfie, four, and Charlie, three, in Kirkham, near Blackpool. He remembers starting to suffer from symptoms similar to the cold at the beginning of October and then decided to do a quick positive test, which was then confirmed by the molecular swab. Her partner and younger son also tested positive, so the family stayed home in isolation. After seven days, Leeming remembers feeling particularly bad and not feeling her baby move in her belly. She was then admitted to a single room at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Fetal monitoring did not show a good fetal heartbeat and the doctors agreed that the safest thing to do was to deliver the baby early.

The Nine Days of Ivy-Rose

Baby Ivy-Rose born of a t
emergency caesarean garlic on October 13: it weighed only 990 grams. Immediately after birth she was transferred to the neonatal unit at Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire, for specialist care. The little girl suffered from various complications including a pulmonary haemorrhage and a brain haemorrhage. Five days after her birth, Ivy Rose tested positive for Covid. We got a call on the evening of the eighth day saying we had to go to the hospital because they didn’t think Ivy-Rose would be able to make it through the night, says her mother.Ivy-Rose died on October 22nd at 1:30 am.

Safe vaccines

The most recent studies have found that Covid-positive pregnant women are more likely to give birth prematurely. In the UK, one in 10 pregnant women hospitalized for Covid needs intensive care. After initial uncertainties due to lack of data, no specific safety problems have actually been identified with any of the vaccines in use in Europe against the coronavirus in relation to pregnancy. Real-world data from the United States shows that approximately 90,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated, mostly with mRNA vaccines including Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, with no safety concerns emerging for the mother and infant.

Guidelines in Italy

After practically all scientific societies had long ago urged pregnant women to get vaccinated, last September to clarify the doubts of pregnant women regarding the anti Covid vaccine, the Ministry of Health issued a circular in which the vaccine is recommended, but only from the second quarter, to also while breastfeeding. Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination, with mRna vaccines, is recommended for pregnant women in the second and third trimester. Regarding the first trimester, vaccination can be considered after evaluating the potential benefits and potential risks with the healthcare professional of reference. The anti Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination is also recommended for women who are breastfeeding, without the need to suspend breastfeeding, according to the circular. The update of the indications was carried out, explains the ISS, also taking into account the new evidence relating to the greater morbidity associated with the Delta variant, the growing circulation of the same variant and the significant lowering of the median age of infection in Italy.

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