She is Maya, the first Arctic wolf cloned by China

The achievement of clone the first wolf It was from a Chinese pet cloning company. Although it sounds like science fiction, it is a widely spread service throughout China. After years of trying, the first cloned wolf pup was born with a ‘unlikely’ surrogate mother, as described by Science Alert: it is a dog of the raza beagle.

In an attempt to restore its population, a Sinogene Biotechnologies laboratory located in Beijing cloned on June 10 an arctic subspecies wolf which it has baptized as Maya. One hundred days after her birth, Chinese researchers have revealed that the she-wolf is in perfect conditions of health.

The cloning process has been the same as the one used in 1996 to clone Dolly the sheep. was used DNA from a skin sample from a female arctic wolf living in a Polarland theme park who had passed away in 2021. Inserted below that genetic material in an egg from a female Beagle breed whose nucleus had been removed, since today’s dogs and wolves share genetic ancestry with ancient wolves.

According to ethical standards established for years, cloning should be considered only for species about to become extinctor for those that are already extinct in their wild environment and of which only specimens survive in captivity.

The country was the protagonist of strong criticism in 2018 when the case of the Chinese scientist became known He Jiankuwho created the first genetically modified babies.

The scientist was sentenced to three years in prison and was released last April. The authorities of the Asian country assure that He Jianku violated the legislation after carrying out experiments with human embryos, to try to protect them against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

The scandal has led China to review your regulations regarding genetic modification in humans


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