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A young woman from Elad was arrested for questioning after rioting in a restaurant with another young woman; According to the suspicion, the two were in an altercation, attacking and throwing objects in all directions

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Police detained an Elad resident for questioning on suspicion of rioting and attacking guests at a restaurant in Netanya.

The Netanya police received a report this week about two young women who were involved in a violent incident at a restaurant in Netanya. The report revealed that, according to the suspicion, the two young women entered the restaurant and, after finishing eating, began to riot. According to the suspicion the two were in a guillotine. They rioted and threw objects everywhere. They also cursed the occupants of the restaurant, spat at them, turned tables and kicked employees on the spot and guests. The two then fled the scene.

Netanya police officers began searching for the suspects. Shortly afterwards, the police located one of the suspects, a 20-year-old resident of Elad. The suspect was detained for questioning.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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