Shell warned of the risk of bankruptcy of part of the gas station in Russia

Against the background of an increase in wholesale prices for fuel in Russia in 2021 (up to 30% for some types) and an increase in retail prices by only 3-6%, a series of bankruptcies of some independent filling stations may begin. Vitaly Maslov, Director for Development and Operations Management of Shell’s filling station network in Russia, stated this at a briefing.

“In such a situation, the business feels very uncomfortable. I think that this situation has no right to be on the long side, because an elementary series of bankruptcies will begin, ”Maslov said (quoted by RIA Novosti). According to him, vertically integrated companies that have their own refining and supplies abroad will be able to operate with high margins, however, most of the fuel retail business is independent gas stations that do not produce fuel and cannot wholesale it, but buy it on the exchange. as, in particular, Shell does.

“This is where the problems begin – we do not have an integrated margin, we can only make money on fuel retail, which is now unprofitable,” Maslov complained, specifying that in this situation the loss is up to one and a half rubles per liter of gasoline. He noted that banks began to refuse loans to independent gas station networks.

Now Shell has 411 filling stations in the country (of which 233 are their own and 178 are dealerships). In total, 23,000 filling stations operate in Russia, of which more than 60% fall on independent networks.

On the eve it was reported that the average cost of a liter of gasoline in Russia for the week decreased by 15 kopecks and by September 6 amounted to 48.93 rubles, follows from the materials of Rosstat. Diesel fuel also fell in price – up to 50.62 rubles. per liter from 50.69 rubles. as of 30 August. The fall in gasoline and diesel prices was recorded in the country for the first time since the beginning of September last year, according to Rosstat data. At the same time, since the beginning of the year, fuel has been steadily rising in price, in connection with which in the summer the government considered the issue of a temporary ban on its export abroad.



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