‘Shibu should direct one more film’; Pratap Pothan said the last time he called

In memory of Pratap Pothan, 22 Female Kottayam producer Shibu G. Sushilan. In a note shared on the social media, Shibu G said that Pratap Pothan’s unexpected return was because he could not fulfill his desire to direct one more film. Sushilan recalled. Shibu painfully shared that he talked about the film he was going to direct last week.

His words: “Pratap sir, who was a multi-talented person, cared a lot about me. He also talked last week about directing one more film. I called him to act in 22fee Mail Kottayam in 2012. He came and acted. After that he called me about directing a film. He told me the story. But then that was it. It didn’t happen. After that, we would call and talk. Last month I worked on the film ‘HER’ directed by Lijin Jose. I came back after working on the film. I introduced my family on location and took a photo together. I came back to Chennai and called the next day. Shibu also has to direct the film… I asked and got Archana’s number written HER. I called Archana and talked to her.

In 1985, Pratap sir, who won the National Award for Debut Director (MEENDUM ORU KATHAL KATHAI), left with the desire to direct a new film. My and family’s respect to you sir!”

Producer Shibu also shared the pictures taken on the sets of the movie in which he collaborated with Pratap Pothan on social media.


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