Shipenko will go into outer space on a new flight to the ISS

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Film director Klim Shipenko, who visited the ISS, said that next time he could go outside the space station to shoot footage of outer space.

According to him, such an agreement already exists. In addition, he announced a possible flight to the moon, if there is a mission to a natural satellite of the Earth, and if they need directors.

In addition to Shipenko, actress Yulia Peresild was a part of the “kinoekpiazh” flying to the ISS. Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, who accompanied them on their return to Earth, said that the guests did not create everyday problems at the station. According to him, they were well trained at the Cosmonaut Training Center.

Earlier it became known that Peresild and Shipenko, who visited the International Space Station, completed their rehabilitation at the Cosmonaut Training Center. In orbit, Shipenko and Peresild spent 12 days.

In turn, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin is not yet planning a meeting with the members of the film crew. He indicated that they are continuing their rehabilitation period after returning from the ISS.


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