Shock in Brazil: Two Amazon tribal welfare activists killed | Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira: Brazil police find two bodies

The killing of UK journalist Dan Philippe and tribal expert Bruno Frira in the Amazon jungle has shocked the world.

Don Philippe (57) is a British journalist. He continues to write about the protection of the Amazon rainforest and the Amazon tribes. Don Philip has also written books on the subject. He also opposed the actions of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonora against the Amazon rainforest.

It was in this context that Don Philippe and Bruno Frira, 41, a Brazilian tribal expert, set sail from the village of Sa Gabriel in the province of Sulo on June 5 to another tribal village. But, several hours later, Don Philip and Bruno did not make it to their destination tribal village. Following this, the tribal people informed the police that they were both missing.

Following this, the Brazilian police and army embarked on a search for the two in the Amazon rainforest. The police and the tribal people were very helpful in this search. Rallies were held in several places in Brazil seeking to find the two.

In this case, it was announced yesterday that Don Philip and Bruno had also been killed and that their bodies had been found by the military in a burnt condition.

Amarlio and his brother have been fishing illegally in a river in the Amazon jungle since police arrested and investigated a man named Amarlio in connection with the murder of the two. This has been opposed by Don Phillippe and Bruno. Amarlio confessed to the police that they killed both of them in this situation.

The killing of two people working for the good of the tribal people has caused great shock and grief to the Amazon tribes and environmental activists.


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