Shock “smallpox”, the first case, found that the dog infected with the owner’s symptoms are similar to people.

to talk about monkey pox or Smallpox (Monnkeypox Virus) that are found to be more prevalent in many countries around the world in Thailand found infectedmonkey poxThen 4 cases made many people start to have doubts and worry about what is smallpox or monkeypox? What is the cause of chickenpox? symptomIs it scary and how violent is it? and last question monkey pox virus can be attached topet such as dog or cats or not, then pets caninfectCan it come to humans as well?

(13 Aug. 2022) Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana Researchers in virology Biotech – NSTDA. Post a message via Facebook Anan Jongkaewwattana According to the Lancet journal, the first case was reported. of infectionmonkey pox from person to persondog which ispetin close contact with two patients living together in France

The report states that patients whoowner raisedogclosely is leadingdogGo up and lie down on the bed too. Both dogs had blisters on their stomachs and anus similar to those seen in humans. but the symptoms are not severe When examining the virus from the blisters of both the dog and owner, it was found thatmonkey pox virusThe same species in clade B.1

Dr. Anan stated that becausemonkey pox virusnot yet found indog and symptoms of dogs that come out similar to those seen in humans This makes it highly likely that the infected host dog becomes ill. It is not a breeding ground for infecting other animals. This report is the first piece of information to say that monkey poxThere is a wider variety of hosts than has been reported in the past.

Dr. Anan He reiterated that there were no reports that Viruses can be spread fromdogCan you go find someone? Don’t be in a rush to judge the dog, and the important point is Dogs can contract the virus through close contact. If you know that you are at risk or sick, you should separate yourself frompettoo

monkey pox symptoms

However monkey pox There is an incubation period of 5 – 20 days. But if the infection is not very much, the symptoms will be around 3 weeks.

  • have a fever
  • chills
  • body aches
  • back pain, eye pain, muscle pain
  • sore throat
  • tired

After about 4 – 5 days, there will be a large number of rashes on the arms, legs, body, and face. Then it will be a large blister of clear water. The pustules that are covered with scabs can rupture. The severity of each patient depends on the amount of infection received. but not life-threatening

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