“Shocked”: The production of the Festigal received criticism and changed the text

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The director of the Beit Singer boarding school, located in Kfar Yehezkel, contacted the Festigal’s management yesterday (Monday) following one sentence that Rona-Lee Shimon says in the performance and hit the boarding school’s students. “We took our campers to the festival. Not that we have unnecessary money but a wonderful enterprise decided to pamper the campers in honor of Hanukkah and purchased with the best money for staff and campers,” began and wrote Ilan Kadosh, the boarding school director.

“In the middle of the show, the actress, who will not receive a stage from me in her full talent and I am quoted – ‘Children is unbearable, I will send them to boarding school, children is terrible.’ “They were excited … and just hurt. I have no words to describe how many,” he added.

This year’s festival, “Hi Festigal,” focuses on the Higher Academy for Guardian Angels, with Malachiana (Eliana Tidhar) being the only one in the entire cycle not to receive wings at the solemn graduation ceremony. The director of the institution offers her a task, which if she stands, she will become a guardian angel: to enter the life of a family that has not yet recovered from the death of their mother a decade ago. Rona-Lee Shimon plays a singer and dancer who falls in love with the father of the family and is also allergic to children.

Rona-Lee Shimon | Photo: From “Tonight with Alfie Puppies”, Keshet 12

According to them, after their request, the production of the Festigal replied, “You will compete, there are many children here who do not live in the boarding school and it is impossible to consider them all.” But a happy ending, everything is good – about an hour ago, Kadosh published another post which read: “From this morning in conversations with production officials who were sensitive to the text that hurt the campers, stressed that their goal is to make families and children happy.” The director of the boarding school added: “It is important for me to note that we are not against the production of the Festigal, we are in favor of the well-being of the boarding school students and taking responsibility and quick action to change the text evidence of appreciation.

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The festival’s producer reported: “Festigal in deeds, less in speech.”

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