Shona River, the red light actress: “I was with 3 footballers of the ..”

Shona River, the red light actress: “I was with 3 Manchester United players”

Shona River tells of his ‘experience’ with some Premier League players, in particular 3 champions of the Manchester United. And it wasn’t all plain sailing. “One took away € 200 for the pizza”.

The 28-year-old Hungarian red-light actress points out: “Just because they have a lot of money doesn’t mean they’re generous.” “I happened to be an escort for players of a very important team. Famous and rich people, so I thought ‘this is the best that can happen to me’. But is not so”.

Shona River: “I was with some United players, one took away € 200 for pizza”

“They expect you to be with them only because they are famous, but they don’t want to go out with you, they just want a girl in the shadows”, the words of Shona River over a podcast.

According to her, i Premier League players “they expect escorts to work for free”. Once “I happened to be with a player for three days and when I finally went to count the money, I was missing two hundred euros. He said to me ‘yes, sorry, I had to pay for the pizza for me and my friends and I didn’t have other cash ‘. I was blown away, “she revealed Shona River. In that situation, the 28-year-old Hungarian confessed that it was some of the footballers of the Manchester United. Names? He didn’t want to do any. No comments so far from the Red Devils.


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