Shooting at a school principal in Araba: feverish searches for the suspect

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A woman in her 40s was shot this morning (Monday) in the northern city of Araba near the school where she works as a principal. She was evacuated to Poria Hospital in Tiberias with her condition defined as moderate. The background to the incident under investigation.

The principal was shot while driving near the school, ahead of the school day – and while her students were on the road. Police forces were called to the scene, and at this time are collecting findings from the scene and have begun investigating the circumstances of the case.

Barriers were deployed in the area in an attempt to reach those involved and suspects in the act. A police helicopter assists in the air in the search operations. Suspects have not yet been arrested so far.

Ministry of Education response –
The Ministry of Education strongly condemns the attempt to harm the educator and adds that it is about crossing every red line that has the potential to undermine and endanger the most important space for students, the educational institution.

The ministry calls on the police to turn every stone, in order to reach the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Against the background of the incident, the office closely accompanies the school principal and provides her with all the necessary support. Alongside this, the firm also closely monitors students and teachers through qualified professionals from the counseling psychological service.

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