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The Presnensky Court of Moscow, at the request of the capital’s Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, chose the former secret service officer Sergei Glazov, who arranged the shooting in the capital’s MFC Ryazansky, as a preventive measure in the form of detention until February 7, 2022. The retiree is accused of killing two MFC employees and wounding four others. He himself confessed to what he had done, and explained the shooting by the fact that the MFC employees, where he came to get a new passport, demanded that he put on a mask. The accused intends to compensate the victims for the loss of loved ones.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow granted the investigation’s petition to choose a preventive measure in the form of detention until February 7, 2022 to Sergei Glazov. The retired lieutenant colonel of the special services is charged under Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder of two or more persons), part 3 of Art. 30 and part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (attempted murder), as well as Part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation or carrying of firearms).

The retired Lieutenant Colonel Glazov was brought to the Presnensky Court at about one o’clock in the afternoon, but Judge Alexandra Avdotina began to consider the issue of choosing a preventive measure for him only two hours later. Ms. Avdotina is known for leading the proceedings in the cases of the shooting in the OKO tower in Moscow City, and also for making a decision in relation to the false witness who spoke in the case of Mikhail Efremov.

The wait took much less time than the meeting itself, which took about twenty minutes. According to the lawyer Pyotr Koldov, who defended Mr. Glazov by court order, the shooter does not deny his guilt, repents of his deed and does not intend to challenge his arrest in the appellate instance. In his own words, the lawyer emphasized, the state of emergency at the MFC happened spontaneously.

“If it were not for the conflict with the MFC employees, then there would be no fatal shooting,” the lawyer Koldov quoted his client as saying, adding that Glazov, in principle, did not plan a mass murder.

According to the lawyer, who had a short talk with the accused before the hearing, “Glazov behaved adequately in court, gave evidence consistently, it was felt that he was repenting, and since he had money, Glazov considered it necessary to compensate the relatives of the dead and wounded for the pain he had inflicted on him, and we will discuss this issue with him, of course. “

The incident happened on the afternoon of December 7, when the retired lieutenant colonel of the special services came to the Ryazansky MFC to obtain a new passport, which he is entitled to upon reaching the age of 45. When he entered the building, the MFC guard demanded that Mr. Glazov put on a mask, but he refused, saying that he did not believe in a pandemic and was against vaccinations. The MFC employees did not let him into the premises, and he was also denied a passport. Then the retiree, taking out of his pocket an Austrian traumatic pistol Glock, converted for firing live ammunition, opened fire. MFC security guard Alexei Ruzlev and center employee Vladimir Shemnev were killed, and four more people were wounded – Zeynab Taymazova, Lyubov Titova, Evgenia Kondratyeva and a 10-year-old girl Sofia. According to eyewitnesses of the tragedy, there could have been much more victims, but Glazov’s pistol periodically jammed during the shooting.

Armed with a pistol and a knife, Glazov, who was fleeing after the shooting in the center, was detained by an unarmed senior lieutenant of the police of the migration service Georgy Domolaev, who heard pops and a siren.

As follows from the shooter’s explanations given during the investigation, as well as in a conversation with the POC members who visited him, he was outraged that he was denied a passport, since he did not believe in sanitary rules.

During the preliminary investigation, it was established that the shooter Glazov did not have permission to carry or store weapons and more than two dozen cartridges found with him. He also had a large amount of money with him, which he himself confirmed to the members of the PMC during their visit to the detention center.

According to him, the lieutenant colonel, who was transferred to the reserve in 2009, did not succeed in reaching retirement age, because he did not have the required length of service, and he had been living on savings lately, without working anywhere.

The detainee was not registered with psychiatrists or narcologists and had not been previously convicted.

The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, announced that the city authorities would pay 1 million rubles to the families of the victims. and 500 thousand rubles each – to the victims. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in turn, was informed that the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev had signed an order to present Police Senior Lieutenant Georgy Domolaev for an award.

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