Shooting at the take-off of an Italian C-130 from Kabul – Shots were fired near the Kabul airport immediately after the take-off of an Italian Air Force C130J with Italian journalists and 98 Afghan civilians on board. No consequences for crew and passengers. According to the, the fire was opened when the aircraft had already detached the wheels from the runway of the Hamid Karzai Airport, with the engines at maximum power to allow it to take off.

The evasive maneuver

The pilot, a female officer of the Italian Air Force, kept a cool head and immediately carried out an evasive emergency maneuver that secured the C130J in flight, moving it away from the trajectory of the bullets, probably from a heavy machine gun positioned outside the plane stop or on a nearby hill. It is unclear whether the shots were aimed at the plane. However, the C130J continued on the planned route that took it to the Al Salem air base in Kuwait. From there, the passengers were transferred to Italy on board a Boeing tanker KC767.

Rising tension

In all these days of evacuation by airlift from Italy or other nations from Afghanistan it is the first episode of its kind that is known. As evidence of an increasingly marked tension in the airport area. Already in recent days, however, images of American C17 Globemasters were circulating, launching the so-called “flares”, small rockets composed mainly of magnesium, used to deflect any attacks.



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