Shooting Squad: Death penalty for a minor who distributed copies of “The Squid Game”

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After the huge success of the Netflix series “The Squid Game”, countless mentions of the show began to appear on the networks and in the media. From cafes with the concept of the show, to the Halloween parties in the character costumes to the bans and tragedies that took place inspired by her. This morning (Wednesday) a particularly unusual case was reported, in which a young Korean boy was sentenced to death for smuggling copies of the series in question.

The defendant, a high school student, was reportedly returning from China with a digital version of the South Korean series stored inside a hidden USB drive. After the boy sold several copies, including his classmates, he was apprehended by state surveillance services and detained for questioning. Now, it has been reported that the same minor is being executed by a firing squad – one of the methods in which the characters in the series were killed.

“It all started last week when a high school student secretly bought a drive containing the South Korean drama and watched it with one of his best classmates,” a law enforcement source told local media. He said the two talked about the series with friends and distributed it among them. When the students were apprehended by the government surveillance services they were arrested. This is the first time that the authorities are implementing the new law in the country that advocates the “elimination of reactionary thought and culture.”

The Free Asia radio channel reported that one of the students who purchased a copy of the USB drive was sentenced to life in prison, while six others who watched the show with him were sentenced to five years of service work. It was further alleged that some of the teachers at the school were also fired or may face deportation to work in remote mines as punishment. In addition, the importation of materials from the West and South Korea is prohibited in North Korea, and its enforcement is strict and controlled.

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