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Two days after Sebastian Kurz’s resignation, he took over the office: Alexander Schallenberg (52, ÖVP) is Austria’s new Federal Chancellor.

He spoke exclusively to BILD about his new role, the allegations against the ex-chancellor and his relationship with Kurz.


► About his new office: “That came as a surprise. We have had a wild phase in Austrian domestic politics in the last few days. I take up the office of Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Austria with great awe and respect. I didn’t want it and I didn’t expect it either. “

The SMS from Kurz to Schallenberg that he should take over came on Saturday night – when Schallenberg was already asleep. Even on Friday night, Schallenberg had reckoned with the deselection of short cuts and new elections on Tuesday. On Tuesday he made his first business trip as Federal Chancellor of Austria. Talks with EU Council Chairman Charles Michel and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are planned in Brussels.

► Regarding the fraud and corruption allegations against his predecessor Sebastian Kurz: “We have a functioning constitutional state. I trust the judiciary. If there is something to be cleared up, it will be cleared up in this country. “

“Personally, I am of the opinion that the criminal charges against Sebastian Kurz will vanish into thin air.”

► The ongoing investigation against Kurz: “Not every investigation leads to an indictment. Not every charge leads to a conviction. “

► On the question of whether he will resign as Chancellor if there should be a guilty verdict against his party colleague Kurz: “I don’t see immediately how that relates to me.”

► When asked whether Sebastian Kurz, as head of the ruling ÖVP party, will dictate the direction for him in the future: “We will coordinate very closely.”

Schallenberg and Kurz have known each other for almost ten years. Kurz made him his most important employee in the Foreign Office, he followed him into the Chancellery – and became Foreign Minister after the Ibiza affair.

Kurz has repeatedly raved about Schallenberg in the past, he is considered “a thousand percent loyal”.

Schallenberg to BILD: “We have been working together for years. We have a very strong consensus and agreement on political issues. “

The affair in short

Investigative authorities accuse the young political star of fraud and corruption. It’s about manipulated opinion polls and bought Pro-Kurz reporting – paid for using bogus bills from the state treasury! Last Wednesday, more than 1,400 investigators searched the Chancellery, the headquarters of the short party ÖVP, other ministries and “Austria”, one of the country’s most important media houses.

Photo: Georg Hochmuth / dpa

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Sebastian Kurz resigned as Austrian Chancellor on SaturdayPhoto: Georg Hochmuth / dpa

On Saturday, Kurz resigned from his position as Federal Chancellor, but said: “The allegations are false. I will also be able to clear it up. ”He now wants to use the opportunity to dispel the allegations against him.

A pollster was arrested on Tuesday. She was suspected by the public prosecutor’s office to have played a central role in the creation of embellished surveys for the benefit of the ÖVP.



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