Shortage of life-saving drugs in Pakistan due to devaluation of currency

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Karachi: Depreciation of currency has led to shortage of life-saving medicines in Pakistan.

Due to the increase in foreign debt and decrease in foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan, there is currently a severe economic crisis. As a result, there is a shortage of life-saving medicines. The massive floods in Pakistan in June last year submerged a third of the country.

As a result, about 3 crore 30 lakh people were shifted to other places. This caused a loss of 12.5 billion USD to Pakistan’s economy. The prices of pharmaceuticals have increased manifold due to the devaluation of the Pakistani currency against the dollar and the sale policy of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. As a result, importers could not procure life-saving medicines.

Import: There is a severe shortage of imported vaccines, cancer drugs and anesthetics in both public and private hospitals.

Although some medicines and pills are manufactured in Pakistan, vaccines, anti-cancer drugs etc. are imported from India, China, Russia, European countries, USA, Turkey.

Under the Drug Pricing Policy 2018 scheme, several restrictions have been imposed. As a result, imported medicines could not be distributed.

The Drug Importers Association has urged Pakistan Drug Regulatory Authority officials to review the regulations.

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