Shortness of breath in PAS, Atromitos welcomes Tsintotas!

Shortness of breath in PAS, Atromitos welcomes Tsintotas!

2023-06-09 15:00:47

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Usually the late Giorgos Christovasilis, until June 20 to 25, just before the start of the preparation, announced the most transfers, of those made by the team every summer.

If it is assumed that the sons of Panagiotis and Yiannis Christovasilis follow in their father’s footsteps, then the next ten to fifteen days will be interesting and with the first announcements that will be made, the philosophy for the new season will also be seen. This year, due to the death of the president, things went a little backwards as the procedures for the election of the new administration had to be done first, as well as the other formalities in the administrative part, and then the rest of the issues had to be run. Until now, the first announcements had to do with the assumption of the presidency by Panagiotis Christovasilis and the assumption of the vice presidency by his brother Giannis, with the stay of Thanasis Staikos and for the next year in the technical leadership, the hiring of Dimitris Niarchakos in position of the technical director and the preparation program where the first gathering will take place on June 28 and the main stage of preparation will take place in Kielce, Poland. Many other issues still remain open, such as the staffing of the technical team with a new assistant to Staikos and a new goalkeeping coach, with changes to be made at many levels of the youth teams as it was written without denying that the successful U19 coach Christos Angelis will be replaced with Tassos Anthymiadis from Veria. Also open are all issues related to transfers and roster restructuring. That is, which players will be acquired, who will leave and how much the roster will be strengthened with quality players so that the problems of last season do not exist. However, Staikos, when he discussed with the major shareholders about the continuation of the cooperation, raised the issue of transfers to strengthen the team. The two Christovasili brothers, after the death of their father, were called to swim in deep water. So far they haven’t made their mark and haven’t made any statement about what they intend to do. Maybe this will be done soon when some things are in order. Too many issues are open to PAS, the world is more interested in the transfer part with the wish not to go through the agonies and heart palpitations of the last season again. Therefore, the next few days will be of special interest, as many things about the next day that today look like a puzzle will be clarified with the official announcements.


According to fosonline, Atromitos really likes the case of Panagiotis Tsintotas and is even high on the relevant list. With Andreas Gianniotis at the exit door, Peristeriotes are looking for the best possible solution for the goalposts and the former goalkeeper of PAS Giannina is in the foreground.
Tsintontas has been released from AEK, while he had signed with PAS Ioannina for 6 months. Now he is single and looking for the next stage of his career. From now on, it remains to be seen how the case will progress with Tsintotas being a burning desire of the Peristeri team.


A friendly game between the veterans Titans Loggados and PAS Ioannina will take place tomorrow, Saturday, June 10 at 17:00 at the stadium of Loggados. The proceeds will be allocated to the financial support of the football player of Titan Lazaros Golias who was seriously injured in an accident.


The photo exhibition of the painter and former goalkeeper of PAS Theodoros Golas was crowned with success. It was hosted for nine days in a hall of the “Frontzou Politia” complex and was visited by hundreds of fellow citizens, admiring Theodoros’ talent. A new exhibition is on the schedule from mid-October onwards. At the end of the exhibition, Thodoros Golas thanked those who helped him and honored him with their presence, noting in his post the following: “Thank you to all of you, known and unknown, who honored me with your presence. The acceptance of my works and your love gives me courage to continue painting from my soul. May all of you be well. We thank Giannis, Natalia, Vassilis, Petros, George, Sakis, Dimitris, for the 9 beautiful days we spent in Frontzou State”.

From today’s printed edition of the “Continental Struggle” (9/6/2023)

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