‘Should resign without further embarrassing excuses’; Benjamin to Shiju Khan

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Thiruvananthapuram: Novelist Benjamin has sharply criticized the Secretary of the Child Welfare Committee, Shiju Khan. Benjamin’s response comes after a departmental investigation report revealed that the Child Welfare Committee and the CWC were at fault for adopting a child without the mother’s knowledge. ‘Mr. “Shiju Khan,” Benjamin wrote on Facebook.

Although Anupama and Ajith approached the Child Welfare Committee demanding that the child be theirs and returned, no action was taken. The government’s investigation report says that despite their arrival, no steps have been taken to prevent the permanent adoption of the child.

According to the report, Anupama and Ajith met Shiju Khan, the general secretary of the Child Welfare Committee, and demanded that the child be returned, but no action was taken to secure permanent adoption. The departmental inquiry was led by TV Anupama, director, women and child development department.


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