SIE launches PlayStation Games for PC website, announcing the strengthening of first-party studios’ commitment to PC games #steam (181485)

Although PlayStation’s official studios only developed games for PlayStation consoles in the past, as PCs have become an important game vehicle after the Covid-19 epidemic, SIE seems to be more and more afraid to ignore the potential of the PC platform. For ported works such as God of War and Marvel Spider-Man Remake, SIE also set up an official PlayStation Games for PC earlier to further declare its determination to enter PC games. At the same time, it also announced the content announcement that Marvel Spider-Man will be launched in 2022: The PC version of Miles Morath and Uncharted: A Rogue Saga Collection. In addition, from the cooperation platform on the webpage, it is revealed that PlayStation Games for PC will currently only be released through Steam and the EPIC Games Store.

▲Official Q&A reveals some current plans

The FAQs below also reveal some relevant information, such as “currently” you can play without a PSN account, but unlike Xbox first-party games that may offer single-purchase cross-platform play, the current content of PlayStation Games for PC It is still separate from the game console and cannot be played on different platforms after one purchase; there are also controllers and keyboards that are compatible with most PCs in addition to the DualSense controller; in addition, although PlayStation Games for PC also has a trophy system, but through Steam With the Epic Games Store’s system, there is no way to sync trophies with PSN profiles.


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