Silvina Luna recorded a video without makeup and reflected on her physical change

Silvina Luna recorded a video without makeup and reflected on her physical change

in the last hours Silvina Luna shared a message of self-love on their social networks and moved their followers. “This is me without makeup, without filters, without Botox… I stopped doing it years ago, but that’s something to talk about at another time,” explained the model in the video that she posted on Instagram.

According to what he said, he received many messages from haters for his physical change: “Yesterday I uploaded a reel and I came across a lot of very cruel comments… I am more tanned out there, but there are many adolescent girls who can kill them with such a harmful message”.

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They asked me what happened to my face... Years passed. I am 42 years old, maybe they kept the image of the 20-year-old girl. life happened to me. And precisely the teaching I had was that looking for my worth abroad I made a decision that Today I have to take charge of its consequences”, he reflected, referring to the cosmetic surgeries that almost cost him his life.

Silvina Luna needs a transplant (Photo: Instagram / silvinaluna)

To conclude the message, he added: “When I read this I would love to give them that they can look inside. Worth is not in having a rounder face, nor in being fatter or skinnier… They don’t talk about each other’s bodies. Sometimes I feel sorry for the people who write such things… what do they project onto one that brings out the worst in him? I hope that at some point they have that possibility of opening and change, that they can see things in a different way”.

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