simarn look: This is the same old simarn, no change; Simran’s new movie goes viral – vintage look of actress simran goes viral on social media

Simran was a leading actress in the world of Tamil and Telugu cinema in the nineties. Though he started with Hindi films, Simran came to prominence with his Malayalam film Indraprastham. But her success as an actress came through Tamil-Telugu films. The first Tamil film, VIP, was a huge success.

The truth is that Simran still retains the same beauty and look as it did in the nineties. Proof of this is the photo that Simran recently shared on Instagram. Simran shared the picture taken by Karthik Dhanush on his Instagram praising the photography. Actor Prasanna and others have written comments praising Simran’s beauty in the film.

Prasanna commented that it was beautiful. Simran also came to thank the actor. Many people have commented below the photo that she is the favorite actress of all time. The vintage Simran look is back, with fans saying comments like Simple Beauty and Evergreen Heroine.

After his marriage, Simran Varanam made a comeback with the film Aayiram. Later he came to the film frequently through cameo roles and so on. Rajinikanth is back in the lead role in the movie Petta.

Simran’s next release is Rocketry Nambi Viley, which tells the life story of Nambi Narayanan. R Madhavan will play the role of Nambi Narayanan in the film and Simran will play the role of his wife Meena Narayanan. Simran’s other films include Anthakan, Druvanachithiram and Vanankamudi.

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