Simcha Guetta gets angry in an interview: “Leave you from titles, that’s enough”

Simcha Guetta (photo by Or Gefen, PR)

Simcha Guetta is not only a sought-after plus-size model and a VIP survivor ex, but she is also an opinionated woman who knows how to provoke a difficult conversation on social networks. The things she said on Network 13 managed to cause a small storm.

Her new role as the hippopotamus in the Hanukkah show “Noah’s Box”, for which she replaced Shahar Hayon, who was supposed to hold the requested role, was at the center of the interview with her today (Thursday) at the launch of the Roldin branch where especially appetizing donuts were presented: “I didn’t eat a donut, but in the upcoming Hanukkah show you See me not only eating donuts but also making them myself in the show itself, here’s getting a spoiler.”

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After being asked about the role she received in the 90th minute, she replied: “The truth is that it’s not accurate. They made a fuss about it, but listen. They said that every human being has a replacement, so then they said that the role of the bomb became vacant, so bring me because I’m a bomb!”.

About the fact that she went from the title of a survival star to a model and now to an actress, Guetta decided to stop the interviewer and bit: “Leave you from titles enough, enough, enough, leave you from titles! I work hard for a living and that’s what’s important. I leave titles to other people.”

And what about a new relationship: “Someone told me that the cast is full of handsome men, is there already someone you found that way?” Simcha quickly responded: “No, no, no, no!”.

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    A hippopotamus ate a donut from Roldin






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