Simon Horn cooks in Danzig am Platz: “New Frankfurt Kitchen” series of events

Ein an office building that has not been used as such for a long time, a lot of “shabby chic”, a bar, DJ music, and each time a different chef is behind the stove: This mixture of dinner and party is available in the “New Frankfurt Kitchen”. Simon Horn, who runs the “Margarete” restaurant in downtown Frankfurt, organizes the gourmet evenings in “Danzig am Platz” in Frankfurt’s Ostend. Some start-ups have settled on the former Telekom site, Horn sells its beer brand “Fxxxxfxxxxr Helles” from there – and celebrates parties.

To avoid misunderstandings: Green sauce and similar regional classics are not served in the “New Frankfurt Kitchen” series. Instead, Horn invites different Frankfurters to cook their favorite dishes with him. This Friday it will be the artist Marie Grosz, who cooks exclusively vegan.

Somewhat complicated registration

She makes grilled squash with bean salad and lime leaf yogurt, and lentil soup with my 100 favorite spices. On later dates there will be plenty of mussels or an oyster menu. A very special evening is planned for October 14th when the celebrated Albanian chef Bledar Kola, a star of the slow food movement, will be the guest.

Unfortunately, registering for the events is a bit complicated: Guests have to select what they want to eat in advance on the website, and they then order drinks directly at the table on the respective evening. However, the effort is worth it: In the Main metropolis, you rarely eat in such a relaxed atmosphere as in the “Neue Frankfurter Küche”.

Neue Frankfurter Küche, dates on September 30, October 8, October 14 and November 5 from 7 p.m., Ostparkstrasse 11, Frankfurt,


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