Simple and Reliable Health Information: New Flyers on Vaccinations and Stuttering

Simple and Reliable Health Information: New Flyers on Vaccinations and Stuttering

2023-09-22 16:17:56
Berlin’s Medical Center for Quality in Medicine (ZQ) has teamed up with Special Olympics Germany to release three new health information flyers. These flyers aim to provide easily understandable information on important health topics, including vaccinations for heart failure, measles catch-up vaccination, and stuttering.

The flyer on vaccinations for heart failure condenses the recommendations from the National Care Guideline for Chronic Heart Failure into clear and simple language, ensuring that individuals can easily grasp the information.

For young people and adults who have not yet received a measles vaccination, the measles catch-up vaccination flyer is designed to educate them on the disease, its consequences, and the importance of follow-up vaccinations.

The information sheet on stuttering serves as a resource for those seeking information on the topic, providing details on effective and ineffective treatment methods.

These new health information flyers are specifically created for individuals with limited reading skills or limited knowledge of the German language. The text is structured in a clear way, utilizing short sentences, active language, and the avoidance of complex terms.

To ensure the information is truly accessible, individuals from the target audience are involved in reviewing each piece of content. Their input helps ensure the material is easily comprehensible and that the accompanying images are appropriate. After all, these individuals understand best what constitutes understandable information.

By providing health information in plain language, the ZQ and Special Olympics Germany aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of their literacy level or language proficiency, can access accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions about their health.]
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