Simple passwords named the main reason for hacking computers in Russia

Among the successful attempts to hack a computer in 2020-2021. The most popular method is brute-forcing passwords to user accounts, accounting for 46% of attacks. This conclusion, based on a study of its own clients, was made by Bi.Zone, a cybersecurity subsidiary of Sberbank, TIme said with reference to the study.

According to analysts, the second most successful hacking method is phishing emails, which accounted for 34% of attacks, followed by vulnerabilities in software and services (17%). 3% of computer hacks occur due to leakage of access to user data and obtaining insider information.

A company spokesman said that the most popular method of hacking computers used to be phishing. This method remains the leader in terms of the number of hacking attempts, but not every hacker is able to complete such an attack. In terms of real damage, password guessing is in the lead.



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