singer-abhaya-hiranmayi-shared-bridal-makeover-video-with-a-funny-caption | Abhay Hiranmayi to a new life! The singer shared her happiness through Instagram; Pictures


Abhay Hiranmayi became a controversial star when she opened up about her life in Living Together. Abhay had then said that he was 13 years older than her and that he was married earlier. The singer also mentioned that she is tired of hearing all the calls of family confusion. Abhay met Gopi Sundar at the age of 19. It was a meeting that turned out to be a turning point in his career and life. Abhaya, who is active on Instagram, has shared a new story and news that is now gaining attention.

Apart from singing, Abhaya is also active in modeling. Abhay has a unique style in dressing. Abhay had previously said that he wanted to be different and that designing is essential for ideas. The other day, Abhay shared a video of her dressing up as a newlywed in a silk saree, full of jewels and jasmine flowers.

Abhaya was dressed by makeup artist Soumya Shyam. Abhay shared a video of her posing for a photo in a very beautiful bridal look. Soumya also came to share the joy of doing bridal makeup for Abhay. Abhaya shared the videos with the caption ‘Shoot Day’.


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