Single child allowance, from 1 July: what is the amount, who is eligible

Farewell to Baby Bonus and Birth Bonus: a single allowance for children (up to 21 years)

The single and universal monthly allowance for children under 21 with a maximum value of 250 euros will arrive in the homes of each family starting from 1 July 2021. final go-ahead of the Senate Chamber to the Ddl delegation already approved by the Chamber on 21 July 2020: the “yes” were 227, no votes against, 4 abstentions. The measure stabilizes a reform expected for years and which comes at a very opportune moment, given the record drop in births in 2020 (never so few: only 404 thousand, from the “Unification of Italy). But we are only at the first step crucial: the “Family” delegation law requires the government to meet the actual discipline of the new institute with the approval of the related legislative decrees. And above all to find the resources that are still missing. In fact, according to the former calculations, the funds put in place (about 20 billion) would make it possible to cover checks for an average of 150 euros (well below the expected 250 euros).

But what is the single allowance for children? The single check will concentrate in a single solution the various aids already existing for families who, including checks, bonuses and deductions, over the years have dispersed resources in too many streams. According to simulations made last fall, the amounts of the allowances (which families will receive from the seventh month of pregnancy up to the age of 18 of the children; extendable to 21 years, six children are students or unemployed) will fluctuate between 50 euros and 250 euros approximately, while the guideline that regulates this new normative system is the universalistic principle. The economic benefit is in fact progressively attributed to all households with dependent children in order to promote the birth rate, to support parenthood and to promote employment, in particular for women, without distinction, as was the case until now, between self-employed or dependent workers. , capacious or incompetent.
So let’s see in detail who is entitled to the check and how the value is calculated.


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