Single child allowance, who will have less money? How does it work

Does the single universal allowance for children risk a ‘cut’ in the amount compared to the 250 euros announced? And who could get a lower sum? The simulation carried out by the Arel / Feg / Alliance for Childhood Working Group – relaunched by Repubblica – shines the spotlight on the contribution expected for July from 7.63 million families involved.

The check – as a tax credit or monthly credit – will include the currently existing facilities and will be linked to the ISEE. According to the scenario envisaged, 80% of Italian families would take 161 euros per month for each minor child and 97 for each child under 21. The calculation is linked to the consideration that 8 out of 10 families have an ISEE below 30 thousand euros. The amount of the allowance decreases if the Isee is raised: for an Isee above 52 thousand euros, the contribution drops to 67 euros per month for minor children and 40 euros for adult children but under the age of 21. The framework, underlines Repubblica on the basis of the study available online, favors the self-employed and the incompetent, categories currently excluded from family allowances. Employees would be disadvantaged: 1.35 million families would lose an average of € 381 per year. To close this disparity, it is emphasized, 800 million more are needed per year.


“We are worried about the reduction of the single allowance that penalizes many families. It is unacceptable and discriminatory. We need to put more resources, which there are in this sad historical moment, to start a serious policy for families, which for decades have seen a precisely penalizing and discriminatory taxation “. Antonio Affinita, general manager of Moige, told about what appeared in Repubblica.

“The families that have been the backbone of the Italian system, responding to the closure of all services – continued Affinita – cannot be the cinderella of all political choices for the distribution of support. Faced with a dramatic decline in births, these debates they should be overcome, and taken for granted. Real and robust measures and resources are needed to support parents, the backbone of the Italian system, producers of future and hope “.

“I remember that this check is not only an aid to families, who need something else, but it is used to start a process of eliminating the tax discrimination that has burdened Italian families for over 50 years, as declared by the many warning sentences of the Constitutional Court”, concluded the general manager of Moige.


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