Time.news – Great friends and double companions, e Hubert Hurkacz they will meet on Sunday evening to play the final of the Atp Master 1000 tournament , one of the most prestigious in the world. Both from beginners and unprecedented. The two, in fact, while making pairs in doubles tournaments, also played last week in Dubai, they never crossed rackets in a singles draw.

On Sunday, therefore, they will no longer be able to stay on the same side of the network and, even if they know each other by heart, they will have to find a way to overcome each other. “Jannik is a great person. He is super calm, super relaxed when he plays. We joke a lot, we are good friends, so I wish him the best of luck,” laughed Hurkacz.

The opportunity, moreover, is greedy. The two arrive at the final act of the tournament as an outsider, as an ‘underdog’ if we want to use a word dear to the Americans, becoming the protagonists of two rides full of precious scalps.

It is right to remember in this sense the absence of many big names, from Djokovic to Federer, from Nadal to Thiem, but to beat players of great talent and strength such as Khachanov and Bautista Agut (Sinner), Rublev and Tsitsipas (Hurckacz) you have to play the best possible, without smudges and at very high and high-sounding rhythms. And the two did it because, as the Pole still recalled (but also applies to the Italian) “now I’m living in the right moment”.

The 19-year-old South Tyrolean is proceeding with his rapid development process. The “Sinner project” updated to April 3, consists of two tournaments won (Sofia and Melbourne 1), some placings in the Slam tournaments, some important victories against top ten players and, now, the first final of a Master 1000 tournament. The world ranking places him in 31st position but from Monday he will be seen at least ten positions ahead.

“It’s nice, but it doesn’t mean anything,” he said after the never-ending battle with Bautista Agut (5-7 6-4 6-4). “The road to becoming a big name is long. You don’t do it in a week of a tournament.” This time no bold metaphor, as happened in Marseille after the defeat with Medvedev: “I’m peeling carrots, but at least I’m in the kitchento”. The recipe, cook Jannik, even if we are not Masterchef judges, seems to be proceeding well.

And one should not believe too much in those who describe him as a “cold automaton” with an unshakable personality. Against the Spaniard a racket was about to fly from his hands to crash on the concrete of the American tournament. In the end, however, it remained steadfast in his hands, intact and precious. Because Sinner is not cold but simply, and almost always, in absolute control of what he does.

“You are inhumane,” Kazakh Bublik told him jokingly after the quarterfinal match in Miami. And he wasn’t talking about the man but about the tennis player whose philosophy, expressed to the microphones of the tournament in Florida, is very clear: “A game is not over when you are down 0-40Even Agut Baptist now knows.

Also for Hurckacz, 24, a Pole from Wroclaw, Miami is the first big opportunity of his career. Like Sinner he has won two tournaments, Winston-Salem and Delray Beach, and in the ranking he occupies the 37th position.

The game against him will be able to add other elements in the completion of the puzzle that represents the “Sinner project”. The Italian tennis player will have to deal with a devastating serve, the opponent is a giant of 1.96 who fires missiles that are difficult to read, and not to think about the chats, the laughter, the sharing in the circuit with what it is, to all intents and purposes , a friend of his.

This time yes, perhaps, he will have to listen to those voices that describe him as an automaton, cold and icy, capable only of expressing that tennis that is taking him, in small steps, to the Olympus of the best. Or perhaps, even more interesting for those who watch and cheer, it will make some more emotions appear on their face. The one that reminds us that it is, however, a boy of just 19 years.


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