Sitting in the middle of the night; High Court restrains shipwreck: Rare | Kerala High Court | Midnight Trial

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Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Monday stayed the movement of a cargo ship at the port after considering the case. For the first time, the Kerala High Court is sitting at night. The High Court on Monday ruled in favor of the company which supplied water to the MV Ocean Race ship, which was anchored at Kochi port, seeking to stop it from leaving the port. The bench of Justice Devan Ramachandran considered the petition.

An institution in Kochi had approached the high court claiming that Rs 2.5 crore was due for the water supplied to the ship. In this case, the company demanded that the ship be stopped immediately. As the ship was leaving Kochi this morning, the case was taken up at night under the direction of Justice Devan Ramachandran. The sitting continued for about an hour.

The court then directed the Port Trust to take the necessary steps to prevent the ship from sailing. Ambalamukal: The ship was carrying cargo to FICT.

The Kochi-based company that supplied water to the ship was ordered to pay Rs 2.5 crore immediately. The order also says that the ship should not leave the port without giving this. If this amount is not paid within two weeks the MV Ocean Race Ship can be auctioned off to the plaintiff.

English Summary : Kerala High court conduct late night trial

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