“Sitting on the Floor Constantly? How It Can Harm Your Health: Insights from Saudi Arabia and Egypt”

“Sitting on the Floor Constantly? How It Can Harm Your Health: Insights from Saudi Arabia and Egypt”

2023-05-30 11:47:26

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Are you among the people who prefer to sit on the floor constantly? Although you may feel more comfortable, it is time to stop this habit, which may harm the health of the body.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Health stated, through its official account on the “Instagram” platform, that knee roughness is among the most common bone diseases in people.

This condition occurs as a result of the weakening and erosion of the cartilage between the femur and tibia, which helps reduce bone friction.

The causes of knee roughness remain multiple, including the following:

  • DNA
  • Previous knee injuries
  • Curvature in the legs
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • overweight
  • Some habits, such as sitting on the floor constantly

How do you protect yourself?

Simply, commit to exercising and maintaining your weight, in order to avoid knee roughness.

And earlier, the Public Health Authority in Saudi Arabia warned, in a tweet via “Twitter”, of osteoporosis, which leads to its weakness, so that it breaks easily as a result of a slight fall or sudden movement.

Fractures caused by osteoporosis can be life-threatening and a major cause of lifelong pain and disability.


And the Saudi Ministry of Health stated, on its website, that symptoms do not usually appear in the early stages. As the patient’s condition progresses, he may feel the following:

  • the pain is in the lower back; due to a fracture or dislocation of the vertebrae
  • Back bending, short stature over time
  • The bone breaks more easily than expected


And the Public Health Authority in Saudi Arabia published, in a tweet on “Twitter”, some ways to prevent healthy bones, most notably:

  • Practice a healthy lifestyle, such as maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding smoking, and being physically active
  • Follow a diet rich in bone-healthy nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, and protein
  • Safe exposure to sunlight helps get enough vitamin D.

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